Over 15 Years Of Courtroom Experience Helping Clients During Their Most Trying Times

Attorney Joel M. Rodriguez takes an attentive and thorough approach to client advocacy in the areas of family law, personal injury and criminal defense.

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Honest, Skilled And Aggressive Representation

Attorney Joel M. Rodriguez takes an attentive and thorough approach to client advocacy in the areas of family law, personal injury and criminal defense.
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Battle-Tested Trial Attorney Serving San Antonio And Throughout Texas

A Vested Interest In Resolving Your Family Law Matter

Confronting a family law matter can be a very challenging time in your life. You may have a full spectrum of emotions and feel concerned about what your future may hold. It is important to have an attorney in your corner who cares deeply about your legal matter and a strong understanding of how your situation may play out, given the circumstances.

Attorney Joel M. Rodriguez has handled family law matters for over 15 years. His level of experience allows him to foresee potential concerns and help you design a legal strategy to help you move on from the situation in the safest and most economical way possible. His family law practice includes, but is not limited to, divorce, custody, support, visitation and property division.

Fighting For The Injury Compensation You Deserve

Unforeseen injuries can have a major impact on the way you approach your daily life. In addition to having to rebuild your strength and take the necessary precautions to alleviate future medical concerns, you may also find yourself challenged by significant medical bills. With both your personal well-being and finances at stake, it is important to work with an attorney who won’t back down from insurance providers and fight for the compensation you earnestly deserve.

Attorney Joel M. Rodriguez is known throughout San Antonio and throughout Texas for his willingness to advocate for his clients’ best interests. He will review all information at his disposal in order to procure the best possible settlement and will not shy away from going to trial when necessary. Whether you suffered a soft-tissue injury or something catastrophic, The Law Office of Joel M. Rodriguez, P.C., is prepared to take action on your behalf.

Defending Your Rights And Best Interests Against Criminal Charges

Facing a criminal charge can be scary and nerve-wracking. In addition to potentially facing time in prison, you may also have concerns about your reputation or the impact a criminal history may have on future opportunities. These situations can have a significant impact on your future, which makes working alongside the right attorney of critical importance.

Attorney Joel M. Rodriguez understands what you are up against. He will thoroughly investigate each aspect of your case to determine if your rights were violated and advocate to ensure your best interests are protected. Attorney Rodriguez has experience handling a multitude of criminal matters including, but not limited to DWI, drug charges, assault, misdemeanors and all federal cases.

Practice Areas

Family Law

Personal Injury

Criminal Defense

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Joel M. Rodriguez

Attorney Joel M. Rodriguez has been a fixture in the San Antonio legal community for over 15 years. He is a seasoned professional focused on providing legal remedies in the areas of family law, personal injury and criminal defense. Attorney Rodriguez is well-known as a battle-tested courtroom lawyer whose track record of success speaks to his willingness to go the extra mile for his clients.

Attorney Rodriguez is bilingual in English and Spanish, which allows him to connect with people from varying backgrounds. He supports his clients through a competitive and thorough approach to cases and does not leave any stone unturned in the fight for his clients’ rights and best interests.

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